Andrew WK Chan

Andrew is a key figure in developing the corporate sustainability agenda across South East Asia. He has personally led over 150 corporate and developmental sustainability engagements across the region, including:

  • Leading edge assessments of the impact of both sustainability initiatives and material ESG indicators on base value for over 25 companies in SE Asia
  • Development and application of an approach to quantify the societal impact of companies for a sovereign wealth fund’s portfolio
  • Application of PwC’s Total Impact Measurement & Management (TIMM) framework to understand the societal value of a scholarship program
  • Assessment of a client’s Trust performance as one indicator of sustainability effectiveness and development of strategies to enhance trust
  • Development of corporate sustainability and creating shared values strategies
  • Development of sustainability disclosure guidelines for regional regulators and delivering training to Directors and Management of listed companies
  • Conducted a series of sustainability capability building workshops for over 20 Government Linked Companies and Government Linked Investment Companies
  • Coached clients to develop and enhance their sustainability reports, including becoming listed in the DJSI Emerging Markets Index
  • Identification and prioritisation of sustainability risks and assessment of material sustainability issuesAndrew has been invited to speak in a number of forums, including: The Global Business Initiative on Human Rights Business Roundtable; “Going Green: Tackling the New Blue”, WIEF Young Leaders’ Forum; “ACCA/IAAER Accounting for Climate Change roundtable”, World Congress of Accountants; “Leadership and Sustainable Development”, ASIA 21 Young Leaders’ Summit; “Measuring Shared Value”, Nestle. He took a sabbatical a few years ago to spend a year with MIT Sloan School of Management, where he delivered lectures on sustainability and coached student teams.Prior to joining PwC, he was a consultant with Gemini Consulting (London), where he worked on strategic, operational and change management issues. Andrew recently took a career break to take up a post at MIT Sloan School of Management to share his insights on sustainability and SE Asia. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys the Malaysian outdoors and hikes, scuba dives, and plays tennis. He is also a keen volunteer and has participated in a program to build houses for the hardcore poor in Northern Mongolia.