Audrey Cheung

Vice President of Quality Systems, Sustainability, & SC Talent Development Supply Chain Management McDonald’s China

As an experienced Supply Chain Management (SCM) professional, Audrey drives and leads food safety and
quality leadership for McDonald’s over 25 years. Started in Asia then be nominated to lead China, Audrey
pioneered the development of Quality Systems for McD’s China from less than 100 to over 2500 restaurants of
today. She not only successfully driven Top-Grade product rate improved from 27% and sustained over 90%,
but also enable the localization & diversification supplies, cost efficiency, and new product expansion strategies.
Despite challenging environments, Audrey protected the brand and help business navigated safely through
numerous industry-wide food safety and quality tremors in China.

Audrey is a strong believer of product quality creates business value far beyond compliance and brand
protection. Her passion & drive on building sustainability & talent for SCM is unceasing. McDonald’s
champions at the world front with many sustainable food supply priorities for beef, poultry, fish, coffee, palm
oil, and packaging. Audrey established from ground-zero many sustainability programs for McDonald’s
China on social accountability, animal welfare, palm sustainability, packaging sustainability, and overall
manufacturing waste reduction. Audrey has strong participation in the McDonald’s Global initiative “Scale
for Good”, it aims to promote and drive more good industry practices beyond McDonald’s for our societies.

Audrey graduated from Australia in 1991 as a Food Technologist (honor degree), and subsequently earned her
MBA in 2002 from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Audrey was a McDonald’s President
Award winner in 1996. The President Award is the highest personal award in McDonald’s honoring the top
1% employee over the world. In 2011, she was nominated to be the first Chairperson of the McDonald’s China
Women’s Leadership Network and was a board member of the Ronald McDonald’s House Charity. She led
the China SCM team to obtain the Excellence Award from the McDonalds’s Worldwide Supply Leadership
Board in 2012