Peter Dickson

Partner/Technical Director of Glennmont Partners

Peter is the Technical Director of Glennmont Partners and was one of the founding directors of BNP Paribas Clean Energy Partners in 2008. As Technical Director, Peter is responsible for the technical quality of all
investments, as well as acting as an investment director.

Peter plays a key role during the due diligence phase of all transactions, with responsibility for technical excellence of investments. Peter advises the fund on technical developments and strategy on all matters technical.

He led the BNP Paribas Clean Energy Partners investment into the Sleaford 38.5MW straw-fired biomass power plant, closed in December 2011. Peter also managed the investment in a number of wind projects in France and the UK.

Peter has worked in renewable energy since the late 1990s throughout the UK, Eastern and Asia both in an advisory role and on the regulatory side with the United Nations Development Programme.

Peter Chartered Engineer and holds a BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Glasgow