Sustainable Investment Conference

Stanislas Dupre

Founder & CEO 2° Investing Initiative

Stanislas Dupre founded the 2° Investing Initiative in 2012 in Paris and now serves as CEO.

The 2° Investing Initiative [2Dii] is the leading global think tank on integrating climate-related objectives and risks into financial market metrics, processes, and regulation. 2Dii works in three fields:

  • Financial regulation: 2Dii co-designed the first climate-related financial regulation in the world (Art. 173 of the French Energy Transition Law), and participated to the High Level Expert Groups who developed the sustainable finance action plans for the European Commission and China.
  • Methodology & data: 2Dii developed the first science-based 2°C scenario analysis tool for investment portfolios, applied by 220 financial institutions and 4 financial supervisors around the world.
  • Fintech incubation: when no product is available on the market to address the issues identified, 2Dii bridges the gap by incubating new ventures with disruptive approaches. 2Dii is currently incubating a data provider and a robo-advisor.

2Dii was founded in 2012 in Paris, and now has offices in New York, London and Berlin. It is a non-commercial charity, governed by a multi-stakeholder board ensuring the intellectual integrity of its work and its independence.

Before founding 2Dii, Stan was executive director of a consultancy focused on long-term risk management. He has been working on 2D investing-related  topics since 2007, when he developed the first climate labelling scheme for retail investment products (France). In 2010, he wrote a book about the role of financial institutions in financing the energy transition entitled “Where does my money go?” that kicked off the 2Dii project.